eVisa to Vietnam

1. What is eVisa to Vietnam? .

EVISA or electronic VISA is the most up-to-date method of issuing Vietnam VISA. It allows you to complete the process online which is quick and smooth. In exchange, you are limited in the type of VISA, validity and extension ability.

The validity of e-Visa is 30 days and you’re entitled to get a single entry. Getting the eVisa to Vietnam involves simple and entails an easy an simple online process for the approval of the visa. It’s available to nationals from 80 countries.

Apply online for an eVisa to Vietnam

eVisa Vietnam
eVisa Vietnam

2. Who requires eVisa to Vietnam?

AlI nationals from the eligible counties with a valid passport need to have e-visa. You can apply for it online.It is very simple process.

3. How to get eVisa to Vietnam

To get an eVisa to Vietnam. you need to apply for e-visa involving three easy and simple steps:

  1. Visit our website for e-visa – https://evisa-vietnam.info
  2. Fill out the application form
    Application form
  3. Pay the designated amount of fee by debit or credit card.
  4. Check your email

4. important information

As you’ve decided to obtain eVisa to Vietnam, take extreme care to consider these points. They are as follows:

5. The validity of eVisa to Vietnam

The validity of eVisa to Vietnam goes up to three months. And, the closing date is the deadline by which you have to leave the country. In other words, you cannot stay there beyond the validity date.

Note that the expiry date of the eVisa must be at least three months prior to the expiry date of your passport.

 validity of eVisa to Vietnam
validity of eVisa to Vietnam

6. How long can you stay in Vietnam?

As a foreign national. you can stay in Vietnam for up to thirty days. It’s the period for which your eVisa to Vietnam is issued.

How long can you stay in Vietnam?
How long can you stay in Vietnam?

7. What’s the entry type?

The eVisa is of single entry. That is, the visa lasts for a single entry only.

By single entry, we mean that you can travel to Vietnam only one time using the eVisa that you have as of now. In other words. each time you wish to travel to Vietnam. you must obtain a separate eVisa to Vietnam.

8. When you have to apply for eVisa to Vietnam?

You can apply for an eVisa to Vietnam at any time of the year.
9. Do you have to print it?

If you’ve an eVisa to Vietnam, you can enter and exit Vietnam via any one of the checkpoints in 33 international checkpoints. At the checkpoir
along with the valid passport, you must produce a print out of your e-Visa.

10. How long your passport has to be valid?

As an eligibility condition. for e-Visa to Vietnam. the passport must have a validity of not less than six months. lt should be beyond the expiry date of your eVisa to Vietnam.

11. Can you arrange an eVisa on arrival

Yes. you can get a Vietnam visa on arrival. For this, fill in the application for the purpose online before you reach one ofthe International airports in Vietnam.

Pay the designated amount of fee online. You are going get Vietnam visa Approval Letter to eVisa to Vietnam

On arrival in Vietnam, you need to show the Approval Letter.

12.Overstay according to rules.

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Getting an eVisa to Vietnam is pretty easy. It’s important to have documents like a valid passport along with the nationality legibility.

Apply online for an eVisa to Vietnam